Aloe Florres

Age: 18
DoB: December 12th
Likes: gardening, cute desserts, cooking shows
Dislikes: shoes, awkward silence

The youngest (and most anxious) member of Capsule Station's Science Division. Aloe is often overwhelmed with moments of responsibility yet is also eager to prove themself to their teacher and guardian,Chief Sedum.Aloe was born on the station, and dreams of one day going planetside.


Designation: unknown
Likes: Aloe
Dislikes: Aloe, food

Caught wandering around the halls, Fin was to be dismantled for being defective until Aloe stopped security. He doesn't have any prior memories, and doesn't seem too invested in getting them back. Often rude and self centered, Fin just wants to be left alone.


Age: 28
DoB: September 17th
Likes: sleep, anything matcha flavoured
Dislikes: Daphne, work

The Science Division's resident biomedical researcher and Sedum's younger brother. Due to budget cuts, Shion also handles staff medical work- at least when he's in the mood to actually do his job...

Daphne Sedum

Age: 36
DoB: October 31st
Likes: Jade, super bad junk food, anime
Dislikes: space travel, pain, kale

Being the Chief Director of Capsule Station's Science and Agriculture Division, she's a busy woman. Sedum's schedule usually consists of terrorizing her interns, causing havoc for the board of investors and pulling a lot of late nights working away in her lab.

Dr. Jade Ovata

Age: 38
DoB: April 10th
Likes: Daphne, arcade games
Dislikes: board meetings, unhealthy food

If Sedum is the heart of the Science Division, then Dr. Jade Ovata is the, er...she's the everything else really. When not spear heading the day to day operations, she can usually be found putting out what ever fire (proverbial or literal) Daphne has managed to set. Jade is also Aloe's guardian.

G0-LD13 ('Goldie')

Designation: scientific assistance, ground maintenance
Likes: Aloe, finishing work early
Dislikes: drama queens

While this friend-shaped lass is a special maintenance bot for the biosphere, she's also Aloe's best friend. Goldie's an older bot, but checks out.


Designation: [REDACTED]
Likes: games
Dislikes: losing

She may be tiny but she's full of malevolence. Eris seems to know something about Fin.